U.S. Physicians & Pharmacies

Our network is set up with U.S. accredited (licensed) physicians and pharmacists. All of the pharmacies are also U.S. based, with licenses to dispense and ship only FDA-approved, non-controlled prescription medications to certain states. Our customers receive the same medication as they would at their local neighborhood pharmacy.
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We understand the importance of having dependability when it comes to your health concerns. However its our commitment to inform you the following: Currently we will not be processing any orders placed now until further notice.

Peace of Mind Support

Our Physicians Process

We give you the peace of mind, knowing you can contact us through many different ways. After you place your order you are able to know the status of your order in real time, and you can as well communicate with us through our secure internal account messaging system.

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Our U.S. accredited physicians are able to review orders for medications that are allowed through a medical questionaire form base, then determine if the prescription should be issued based on the safe, and effective use of that medication for that particular customer.

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